Sally Ann, the daughter of a ladies’ barber and a beautician, studied art in high school and college, and was always creative with color and fashion. Throughout her life, she strived to create beauty, not only outwardly, but also inside herself, trying to find her own identity and unique look.

Not wanting to be a “starving artist,” Sally Ann developed a career in the travel and hospitality industry, where she could still tap into her creative side. Then, one day, she decided to pursue her artistic side and switched her paint brushes for makeup artistry brushes!

She opened an independently-owned and operated cosmetics and skin care studio in Branford in 1995. For over 20 years, she has been fortunate to do what she loves and to help women bring out their own inner beauty and create their own personalized look through makeup artistry. She specialized in makeup applications for brides and proms, and has a steady clientele and referrals for her services.

“Makeup Artistry” is an art in theory, technique, and application of cosmetics to bring out a person’s best features and to create the perfect look for them. You are always striving—especially for a bride—to create the beautiful face, like the beautiful portrait.