Let's Face Facts

FACT #1: Our skin is 70% water. Although woman may drink a lot of water, most women have skin that is dehydrated. You can tell if your skin is dehydrated by putting your index finger just below your cheekbone diagonally - if you notice lines like a river horizontally across your cheek, you are dehydrated.

As you get older, your cellular renewal slows down. When you are young (teens and twenties) you generate new skin cells every 21 - 30 days, as you get older, it takes longer. By exfoliating off the dead skin cells on the surface of your face, you force new skin cells to appear. You need to use treatment products and moisturize day and night to keep these skin cells hydrated so your skin looks less lined and more plump and subtle. Night moisturizers are usually more advanced and work on a time release. Your cellular renewal is more advance while you sleep. Hydration is the key to younger looking skin.

FACT#2: The #1 cause of lines and wrinkles on the face is sun damage, followed by smoking. Both dehydrate the skin, break down the collagen and the skin barrier, and can be avoided. Expression lines can be diminished in appearance, but are there due to our laughing, smiling and frowning.

FACT #3: Most women do not know how to choose the right foundation for their skin tone. Foundation are either warm-based with gold undertones or cool based with pink undertones. To choose the right foundation for your skin-tone, place three stripes of foundation color near your jaw line: 1 stripe warm, 1 stripe cool, 1 stripe more neutral. Whichever one blends with your skin the most is the correct foundation shade. When applying foundation you should always start middle of the face and blend out toward the hairline and under the jaw line to fade out and not create a line where you stop. You can always take a cotton pad and run it down your jaw line to remove excess foundation.