Some Hints to Create the Perfect Face:

For a dramatic look - use light and dark foundation. For a natural look - use powders or bronzing powder. Picture you face as an oval - everything inside the oval is highlighted, all areas outside the oval are shaded. Brighten the areas where most faces have mature shadows, inner corners of the eyes, under the eyes, folds around the mouth, center of chin. For sculptured looking cheekbones - deeper shade directly under cheekbones and at the temples, lighter shade high on the ridge of cheekbones and above the brow. Can achieve this with blush. Add an overall healthy glow by applying Bronzing Powder to T-zone and cheekbones, contrast with a youthful highlighter around the eyes.

Dabbing three strokes of light concealer like cat whiskers placed at the outer corner of the eyes and blend.

Well-shaped Eyebrows frame your eyes and actually give your eyes their expression. Too thin or no eyebrow look, or a unibrow look and unruly eyebrows take away from the eyes. After your brows are properly shaped there are several products on the market to fill in or to color the brows. For those women with medical problems who have no eyebrows, Sally Ann uses a very fine tipped brow pencil and with little strokes like an artist creates an eyebrow that is natural looking. Brow wax is also used to help eye products to adhere.

Today Makeup Artistry and products are so advanced that they can correct problems and protect the skin while still looking natural and beautiful.